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All About Pay-Per-Click

To Be The Best You Need To Use The Best

How Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Grows Your Business

Retrieve Your Perfect Customers

Why We Believe In PPC.

PPC has allowed us to ramp up many local businesses.
Our campaigns are designed to show your message to the right people, in the right place when they’re most likely to see it.

Other marketing use the shotgun method, where your message is sent to tons of people but is everyone your customer?
We use PPC because it is like a rifle, with a scope, that has night vision …and a laser.

Your message only shows to your perfect customer.

PPC Market Research Tools are Built for Small Businesses

Google and Microsoft might be tech giants now, but their business started as a small business to help businesses grow.

Google and Microsoft ads are great for companies of all shapes and sizes. With tools like Keyword Suggestion Tool, Keyword Niche Finder and Negative Keyword Tool are specially created to make PPC campaign management more effective for small businesses.
What does all this mean? It means that Google and Microsoft has been designing tools to specifically help small businesses compete evenly with big corporations for over 20 years now.

Helps New Start-up Businesses Grow

PPC is not for just the big established companies or international giants.

The truth is all businesses can get exceptional results from PPC live bid format. Search Engines allows companies to bid for keywords at any given moment. At The Search Labs, we optimize this format to fit your budget,
Allowing you to save money and have a fantastic return on investment(ROI).

Easier Customer Interactions with Customised Ads

All People Respond to Ads In Different Ways

Makes sense right? We’re all different people, and we like different things. That’s why Google and Microsoft makes it easy to run different campaigns for your targeted audiences.

We also work with Google and Microsoft to make it easier for customers to interact with you. You can encourage initial contact easily, using call and location extensions in your PPC ads. For example, call extensions enable you to place your business telephone number under the ad, while location extensions show your full business address under the ad.

You Don’t Need To Have The Highest Bid

One of the best parts of Google and Microsoft Ads PPC is that you don’t have to out-bid your competition

This is great news for local small businesses with a limited budget. A more effective way to stay at the top is to have a High Quality Score. You can get this by making sure your content is relevant to what people are searching for, the quality of your landing page and expected Click through rate.
We strive to make your content exactly what your customer is looking for. Partnered with Google and Microsoft and their advanced Machine Learning tools, It helps us streamline the process to make sure you are staying at the top and under budget.

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