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Paid Search

How We Retrieve Your Perfect Customers


The Facts

Paid Search

Commonly Refer To As PPC

p p c

You just upgarded to a Ferrari, pretty sweet, right?
Now you need to give it fuel to get you where you want to go.
Not just any fuel, you want to use premium, so you can roar that engine without fear of the side effects up a lesser grade of fuel..

PPC is the fuel that supercharges your website and pumps customers to your site..
Once they get your amazing new site, we encourage them to take action: make a purchase, fill out a form, or call your business..
You finally understand why people buy Ferraris, they love the performance.


Of smartphone users are actively searching for businesses near them


More likely to make a purchase than organic visitors


Of Brands say that PPC is a Huge Driver for their Business


Of all Paid search ads are clicked on Google

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Paid Search Pros

Why hire Paid Search Experts instead of keeping everything in-house? Two words: Experience and Innovation. We learned directly form Google and Microsoft the best Practices. We have managed many local businesses’ accounts and would love to help your business grow also!

Market Research

  • We pull keyword data straight from google and Microsoft.
  • We Use this data to come up with an ad spend budget.
  • We Use Search History to determine users are searching for most.
  • This is how we determine what you need in your campaign.
  • We also see what your competitors are bidding on.


After the research is completed, our team will build out all your campaigns, ad
groups, keywords, and actual ads. We segment all the data and have audiences built on in-market, affinity groups and demographics.

Different audiences will be grouped
together based on similar characteristics so that each ad shown is as relevant
as possible. This saves you money, improves your conversions, and gives
you insight into which ads and audiences are performing the best.


We will then curate persuasive messages with a clear call-to-action for each audience and ad segment to maximize relevancy.

We implement specific language that will draw in relevant clicks for products or services and weed out the time-wasting “curiosity clicks” to preserve your ad spend.

Bid Optimization

Bid optimization will occur
across all ad channels, audiences, and keywords.

Keywords that are performing well for your business will see increases in their budget allocation. Poor performers will be reduced or even paused.

Keyword Review

Specific attention will be given to keyword performance throughout the
campaign. Successful keywords for your firm’s campaign will be extensively
researched to find even more long-tail variations, with attention given to
shorthand and conversational search terms.

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Performance Tracking

We will be in your campaign everyday, constantly monitoring your ad campaigns to find out which ads are driving the most leads for your business. 

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