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The Conversion Funnel

How we get you new customers.

Transperency is one of our key values.

The Funnel is the baseline of every marketing campaign we start. The conversion funnel is a tried and true method. We curate several campaigns that run simultainously and to gather data to see what is performing and what is not.

These drop downs provide more information on each section of the funnel.


The First step in any successful campaign is to attract the attention of your target audience. We curate your business to be infomative, interesting and relevant to what your customer is looking for.


Now that we have their attention, we need to make a connection with the customer on a personal level. We keep Interest, the longer their on your site the more likely they’re to buy.


Now that we establish Trust. A new customer needs to know that your the real deal. What better way than to show them how happy you’ve made people in the past and how your better than the competition.


This is where your Website comes into play. The layout needs to be easy to navigate and they should always be able to contact you, and each piece of content needs to be for a specific cause.


This is what we call the Hot stage! The customer is wanting to buy from you!
If you have a checkout page it needs to be quick and easy.

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