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Website Speed

I just bought a website but I’m getting no visitors!

Why are visitors leaving my site?

You just got a great deal on a website. It was built quickly and you didn’t have to pay as much as you thought. You notice a lot of visitors are leaving instead of browsing your website.
What’s going on?

This is a common issue. Low-quality websites are usually from companies or individuals who don’t specialize in digital marketing.

We have a developer whose main priority is to provide a quality site with performance at the core.

The goal of designing a website is to make it easy to use, fast and convert users into leads, who hopefully will turn into clients.

Website users who leave after slow load times.


2 seconds


4-6 Seconds


More Than 6 Seconds

Slow load times lead to lower engagement.

People bounce when a site loads too slow.


I am Less Likely to Make a Purchase


I am Less Likely to Return to this website

These percentages can equate to lost revenue.

Most developers don’t focus on page speed. Only 3% have it at the top of their list of priorities.
73% of developers say improving page speed is either somewhat urgent or very urgent?
81% of developers agree slow page speeds decrease the number of conversions.
This doesn’t make sense to us. We want to make sure your website visitors aren’t leaving because of slow load times.

If you decide to do business with us, we will make sure that you have a great quality website. We care about the businesses we work with.

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