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A Local Business for Local Businesses

Our team all has the same core values, authenticity, transparency, and honesty. We love helping business owners grow their online presence.

Zac Terry started The Search Labs because business owners had been taken advantage of by big marketing firms. This was not okay, small businesses needed a hero in their corner.

The Search Labs began to reflect just that.
Every member of our team wants to protect and grow local businesses.

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Our Staff

The Search Labs is a team effort. We make sure everyone gets recognized.

Colt and Zac

The Zac Terry

Head of Search

Client Success Enthusiast. Passionate about helping small businesses grow their online presence. Didn’t get a MD or law degree, I have a Master’s in Click Ads and Takin Names. If I’m not in the office you can find me dropping ducks out of the sky or reeling in largemouth bass.

Jeff Eaton

Lead Website Developer

Hi I made the site your looking at right now! When I first started at The Search Labs I was blown away with how much Care went into taking care of the Clients. I Believe in what we do and making it better.


Leo Coreas

Client Success Specialist

Specializing in building relationships with business owners and clients. I love helping our clients achieve success by growing their business. When I’m not helping our clients achieve success I can be found lifting weights or playing sports. 

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