Windshield Washer Fluid VS Water – Which One to Use?

There is a huge contradiction about using windshield washer fluid and plain water. There are many drivers who use water with shampooinstead of windshield fluid. There is also another debate about the environment friendliness of the windshield fluid.

However, let’s find more why it is good to use the right fluid

Money Matters a Lot!

Pour in water is free but windshield fluid costs money.Spending few bucks has value in this case. Water can’t give you the comfort of clean windshield that this fluid can give.Washer fluid contains some cleaning agents which are quite effective to clean the windshield but water has no such chemicals.However, you should always consider using the best quality windshield washer fluid.

Water Freezes

You cannot use water in winter where temperatures go below zero. If you leave in a place where temperatures go below freezing point then you must use a washer fluid. If you use water then there is a chance that the water will freeze in the fluid container or on the windshield. Obviously, you do not want to stick in your car in winter due to unclear windshield. But this not the main reason for choosing the washer fluid.

Cleaning Hard Dirt

When it comes to washing the water spot and dirt from the windshield, then water is not a good choice. Water can’t clean hard dirt like bird’s pops, bugs, or road grime. You need a washer fluid to remove these kindsof strong moils.

Washer fluid main chemical compound is ethanolormethanol. This chemical makes the washer more users friendly. Small quantity can clean a lot. But these two products are not good for environment. Yet I suggest you to use this instead of water.

Even in summer there are hard dirt and dust on windshield. Water is not enough for these kinds of summer dirt. Using windshield fluid you can get a better view of the road.

Useful During Dust Strom

In summer dust storm is common matter in many part of the country. This kind of dustcan damage windshield in long term.There is a washer fluid container under the hood. You can clean your windshield while driving with the help of this container. All you need to do is push the button and the washer fluid will spray on windshield. You can easily clean the windshield with wiper blades while driving without any issue.

One important piece of advice is do not run wiper blades over a dry windshield. It can make permanent spot on windshield. Check your washer fluid container.

Cleaning Fogs in the Winter

In winter you must not use water on windshield even if the temperatures are below freezing point. Weather will be foggy so if you use water, the windshield will notclean properly. It will block your view. It can be a very dangerous, as you know accident rate is higher than any season in winter.

Not Environment Friendly but No Other Option Available

In many article you will find that ethanol or methanol is poisonous to environment. Yes there is no denying that. But water cannot full fill our demand but youwill use the washer fluid with water and that will reduce the bad effect ofwasher fluid on environment.

Can Be Used for Car Washing

On plus side most of the washer fluid can be used as body washer. So you are getting two products in price of one.

Last Words

In the end, I will suggest that you must use windshield washer fluid instead of water in all season. It will help you to have safe drive. Your auto insurance may cover the damage of the car in case of an accident but life is only one. Never compromise with safe.

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