Top 10 things you should not forget when you pack

With the flights and hotel booked, getting your suitcase is the only thing that separates you from having a great vacation. We know it’s a joke, but if you follow our expert advice, you’ll never have to worry about it again! With this list, you will always know what to carry in the suitcase:

1.Make a list

Okay, we know it sounds super-boring, but silly lists are the best way to spend a stress-free vacation. Make a list of basic articles and articles that you would like to take with you. Be realistic and consider the limitations of best backpack. If you need the inspiration to make the list, maybe this will help…

2.Do not forget the first aid kit

Let’s see, we do not tell you to prepare as if you were going to work to the emergency room, we simply recommend that you take a small bag with the pills and medicines you may need. After all, nobody wants to have an unbearable headache, fever, stomach upset or all three things at the same time on vacation. It may be easy to buy the medicines in your city, but maybe in the country you visit, only sell them with a prescription. And the same goes for allergy or asthma medications … do not forget to pack them in the suitcase!

3.Control liquids

We all know what the thing is, but still, there are doubts and they make stoppers at the airport security checkpoint when a smart guy tries to pour a bottle of water. To the chagrin of many, hand luggage on European flights has a limit of 100 milliliters per package and everything has to fit in a transparent plastic bag with sliding closure (you can usually get it at the airport, but they make you pay it). If you have liquids that exceed that limit, put them directly in the checked bag.

4.Labels are for help

Unless you’re a super speed, traveling incognito should not worry you.
Most suitcases come with standard tags, be sure to fill them in, thank you if you (or your airline) lose your luggage!

5.Please note baggage restrictions

If the airline says “23 kilos”, then they are 23 kilos! Weigh the suitcase before going to the airport and make sure it does not exceed the limit, otherwise, you will have to drop the fly at the airport or, worse, say goodbye to that nice handmade knit jacket, which cost him so much to do your grandmother. We’ve all tried to put a pair of extra pants in a suitcase to overflow, but the restrictions exist for a reason, and that reason is your safety. What reminds us…

6.Leave space for the purchases you make during the holidays

No matter if they are duty-free things or memories; it is inevitable that you end up getting more things than you left, so leave room for those possible purchases!

7.Pass the shoes

The worst and most frustrating thing about making the suitcase is shoes. A number of shoes that you must take will depend on how long the trip lasts. However, we think three pairs is a reasonable figure for a holiday of one or two weeks. More important than the space they occupy, is the function that we give. So before climbing a pair of high-heeled boots or high heels set a pair of shoes that will suit all situations. Put those that occupy the most the day you fly, and remember to wear socks, so you have more space in the suitcase.

8.Cosmetics: Take the righteous!

Unless you want to go to a desert island, you can buy shampoo or sun cream in any corner of the world. If you have few liquids you will also avoid taking the nasty surprise that some sticky liquid has come out and you have finished pringando the whole suitcase. And if you really can’t live without that facial cream, try to take just the amount you need for your vacation and nothing else. That way you can throw the container when it is empty and make room in the suitcase for your return trip.


Much has been said about this advice, but we firmly believe that winding up clothes is best. Not only because this way you save the wrinkles of the clothes, but also because you can also gain much space to the suitcase.

10. Put all the valuables in the hand luggage

Usually, today airlines no longer lose luggage, but why take the risk? Go safely and keep all the expensive things in the carry case, from your camera to your diamond engagement ring.

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