Basic of Floor Jack:

A floor jack is nothing but a lifting machine. It’s a mechanical device that is mostly used to lift heavy loads using a lead screw or hydraulic mechanism. These jacks have a broad range of functions and are often referred to as a car jack, or garage jack or auto jacks sometimes.A large number of people use it to lift automobiles only, to access the components beneath the vehicle. So it is most popularly known as car jacks for an alternative name.

Types of Floor Jack:
Hydraulic Floor Jack:

It is the most recognizable floor jack variant, and most convenient and useful also. Every mechanic prefers to have one of these in their garage for their ultimate convenience. These jacks use hydraulic power to lift loads and consist of a trolley with four wheels housing a hydraulic cylinder. The advantages to this type of floor jack are they are very simple in operation and easy and straightforward in use. They also do not require a big amount of effort to lift the vehicle. Additionally, they offer great lifting height, enough for you to g beneath the car and work comfortably. They are also very safe. As for disadvantages of these jacks, I can mention the cost and portability. They are often more expensive than other types and are a bit less portable than other types due to their comparatively bigger size. You can use car jack when wash your car with best car vacuum

Scissor Jack:

Scissor jacks are light-weight, space efficient and very portable type of jacks, which is their biggest advantage. These jacks typically consist of a lead screw that compresses a scissor linkage to gain elevation. The drawback of these jacks is they have limitations in height and lifting capacity as well, as they are designed to be so compact and portable. It can only lift your car high enough to change the tire. Verdict line of these jacks are, they are ultra-portable tire changing specialist, but not a great option to use in garages.

Bottle/Piston Jack:

Bottle jacks (known as piston jacks also) are another hydraulically operated floor jack type. Like hydraulic jacks, they also use hydraulic force to lift the weight. The biggest advantages of these jacks are a small footprint, lifting capacity and lifting height. They leave a very little footprint and are great to use on uneven surfaces as well. They have the highest lifting capacity and height between these 3 types. As a drawback, their free height is sometimes too much for lowered sedan or sports car. They don’t get low enough to be placed underneath on these cars. You’ll see them mostly getting used to lifting trucks and that type of vehicles.

Things You Need to Consider to Pick The Best Floor Jack:

There’re certain things that you need to consider to pick the best floor jack for you. They’re as followings-
The car/cars you are gonna use it on:
It’s important to determine which car or cars you are gonna use the jack on. Because ground clearance can be an issue sometimes. Ground clearance refers to how high from the ground your car sits on the jacks’ lifting surface. It’s pretty easy to lift the cars with lower ground clearance with hydraulic jacks. The hydraulic jacks are favorite for most common sedans, SUVs, coupes, and vans.
But if you’re looking for a jack to lift a truck often, a bottle or piston jack will be better for you. Because most trucks have higher ground clearance and bottle jacks have a higher free height. So this two will match better.
Then again, if you buy a bottle jack thinking of its convenience for a lower ground clearance car, it’ll be a wrong decision. As a bottle jack’s free height is more, so you might not be able to place the jack underneath the car even.
And, if you’re looking for something portable to carry with you for emergency situations, maybe the tire bursting or something, a sweet scissor jack is good enough for you. In that case, buying an expensive another type of jack is spending pointless money and won’t be convenient as well. So determining the car or cars, you are going to use the jack on is critical.
And if you can’t determine, your best bet will be going for a hydraulic jack, as it fits most of the cars, from sedan to trucks.

The weight of the car/cars:

All floor jacks have a maximum weight capacity. So you must be careful about making sure that the maximum weight lifting capacity of the jack you’re gonna buy exceeds the weight you intend to lift with it. Typically, the weight lifting capacity is expressed tons, and the 2 ton and 3-ton jacks are the most common. One thing to know about determining the weight is that your jack is never likely to support 100% of the weight of your car. Normally, with a 2-ton jack, you can safely lift most sub-compact, compact, and economy midsize cars. Go for a 3-ton jack if you need to lift luxury midsize cars, full-size cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks as well. If you have a heavier car than that, you need to go to up to 3.5 or 4-ton jacks, but this doesn’t apply to most regular cars.

The Build Quality of The Jack:

It’s one of the most necessary factors to consider when purchasing a floor jack. You know a high-quality floor jack can cost you less than a cheaper floor jack? Wondering how? Well, you’ll need to buy a high-quality jack only once and use it for a long time. But you’ll need to constantly replace parts of a poor-built floor jack, or maybe the whole jack.
And there’s a matter of safety as well. What happens if the jack falls apart while you’re doing a repair to your car? It can do a serious injury to you and great damage to your car too. If you pick a poor-built Jack, I’m afraid you might be the victim of such a case!
So buying a better-built jack with spending a bit more money is totally worth it. You’ll never have to get pissed about the jack not functioning properly. You’ll only and better be pissed about your car not working well! And a little bigger investment upfront is saving you money in the long term. And, you’ll not have to tension about the Jack falling apart and the car falling on you while working lying underneath the car!
Now, how to judge the build quality of a jack? Well, it’s better to check the jack physically to understand the build quality. But since it’s not possible to do it while shopping online, the best option is to read reviews online. The link here is a trusted & reliable source to look for floor jack reviews.

Wrapping it up:

I hope I’ve given you all the information you’re gonna need to pick the perfect floor jack for you. If you still have any questions, you may ask in the comment section. I’ll be following this post and will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

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