Home gym vs Regular gym

As people are getting literate day by day, they are becoming more health conscious. Every person tries his best to keep himself fit and healthy. But with the change of time, people are getting busy more than before. That’s why when a person wants to choose a gym he has to keep many things on his head. Basically, the gym is two types one is the regular gym and another is the home gym. Now I’ll discuss these two types and you pick one for yourself according to your comfort. Find the home gym equipment ellipticalview.com

Home Gym


  1. Expense: The most positive thing about the home gym is, it costs low than many regular gyms. Once you buy the equipment you will never need to invest any money for it. Another amazing part is, you need not buy all the equipment which you’ll get in the gym. You need to buy one the equipment you will use.
  1. Hygiene: Another big advantage of home gym is hygiene. This means that you are all in all of the gyms and you are using it only by yourself unless you share with your family or friends. Another advantage is, you will get all the equipment neat and clean and this will give you a comfort workout.
  1. Convenience: A great advantage of having a home gym is convenience. This means your freedom; you can workout anytime you want without any time limitation. And another advantage is, the gym is near you and you don’t need to move anywhere for it.


  1. Motivation: The biggest disadvantage of working out at home gym is the lack of motivation. Why will you have the lack of motivation? When you work-out on the home gym you will not get the environment of a regular gym and you’ll have to workout all alone.
  1. Instructions and Help: When you will work out on a home gym, you won’t get any instruction from other. You will also not get any help from other, like in some weight lift session you need the help of others.
  1. Distraction: Another disadvantage of home gym is the distraction. Because when you are at home, you may have to keep your attention to your kids or you may have to watch over your kitchen. This will distract you from your fitness goal.

Regular Gym


  1. Motivation: The biggest advantage of working out in a regular gym is motivation. The atmosphere of the regular gym will encourage you to work out more.
  1. The range of training equipment: You will get a wide range of workout equipment in the gym especially you have a membership of expensive gym. Some gym has also swimming pool and this is really awesome! However, the more facilities you will have in the gym, the more expensive will be the gym membership.
  1. Expense: There are some people who don’t have sufficient money to buy workout equipment by himself but they are able to pay the membership of the gym. Besides this, all the gym membership is not that expensive, there are also low expensive gyms. You can use best rowing machine for exercise.


  1. Lack of Freedom: One of the major drawbacks of a regular gym is, you will not be able to use the equipment freely. You may have to wait for your desired equipment or you may have to share the equipment with others.
  1. Expense: Generally the memberships of the gym are very expensive. You will have to pay more if you want more facilities. Sometimes they increase their charge automatically when they buy any new equipment.
  1. Environment: Sometimes, the environment of the regular gym will disgust you, especially when you have a low-quality gym membership. You will get all the equipment dirty and sweat everywhere. All time fit your fitness.

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