A deadline set for background verification of drivers of Uber & Lyft in Massachusetts

Safety and Security of the people are essential for all the states and they want to make sure that they are safe and secure. In the recent past, there have been speculations made by the people, that they have been affected by the ride-hailing organizations personally. It is said that there are drivers, who do not belong to the company but take the riders in for their riders.

In the recent Massachusetts State has been receiving complaints from the people that the drivers of Uber and Lyft have sexually assaulted the riders. The law authorities and state officials want to make sure that the computers are safe and secure. It is not only the complaints; there were a few who were charges for rape, sexual assault and more astoundingly an intention to murder as well.
This makes it clear that the riders who ride with Uber and Lyft might be under threat. It is an obvious factor that they will become skeptical and cynical about using the ride-hailing service by any means. The riders are at stake and they cannot afford to lose them by any means. Uber and Lyft have to take a step in this matter and make sure that everything goes well and there are no such incidents are occurring
Both the companies have accepted to perform background verification of all the drivers who are in Massachusetts. It is not just the background check by multi-state crime which the company has agreed to perform. They are willing to go ahead and get the drivers checked against the Department of Justice for National Sex Offender website

This is an initiative to make sure that the people are not boarding a car, not knowing whether they are safe or not. It is important that every single ride which is taken by the rider through Uber or Lyft needs to be safe. They called in for Massachusetts to handle their background verification as well and run through the names under the state’s criminal and sex offender registries and the warrant management system as well.
Recently the state officials fixed a deadline for the companies to finish their background verification of the drivers. The main reason behind this background check of the drivers is to make sure that there are no sex offenders. 3rd of April 2017 was said to be the final day for the company to finish the background check of the drivers.
The companies started to feel the pressure, as they were not expecting that there will a deadline fixed for them to finish their task at hand. There thousands and thousands of drivers which both the companies have complete their verification. It is going to be real hard for the companies have to complete it as soon as possible. If they delay in the process, there are possibilities, that the drivers might be suspended from driving until their verification is complete.
Uber and Lyft do not want to lose their most valued customers and both the companies have strived hard to provide the best ever possible service to them. It is a boon for the people that they can just swipe through an app and their ride is available at their door step. On the flip side, there is an enormous amount of trust which the people have towards the company.
The only reason they are using it that, they can be sure that, the ride will take them their side destination in a safe and secure manner. If they know that there is something not right and everything which is going on is absurd, then they will refrain from taking the cab itself. For every single individual, their safety is their priority and they will make sure that it is not at stake.
They will not risk themselves knowing that the ride is not going to be safe. An undeniable fact here is that the drivers are complete strangers, but still, people do trust them to ride them to their location. Just imagine, if a rider finds themselves in an abandoned place and their lives at risk, would they ever have to take the cab in the first place? No, that is a no; no one would prefer to be a stranded in a no man’s land.
In the recent past, there was a speculation made against Uber by a former employee named Susan, that sexism is practiced, and the employees are getting sexually assaulted. This shows the lack of security for the employees who work in the organization. If there are unable to protect their employees, then protecting their customers becomes a question mark.
The year 2017 has not been a great one for Uber, as there have some speculations against the company. On the flip side, for Left, it did start off on a great start as they expanded their service to around 100 more cities in the United States. We can consider that Uber is worldwide and the behemoth of the ride-hailing industry, it is having a tough competition with Lyft.
In that case, in this aspect of completing the background check, both the companies will have a face-off on completing it first and getting their customers back. Though the companies would be completing the verification and make sure that their service is safe and secure for the people to use, will the riders take in easily?
At the beginning they are going to be hesitant, considering the previous incidents which have happened with their fellow beings. Eventually, once they are sure that the drivers are safe for them to ride with, they will get along. For the time being, we can tell that the company will look at a loss, unless and until its business is in full swing in the state.
It has been around seven years that Uber has started its service and it is now available in around 550 plus locations throughout the world. For Lyft, it has been just four years since they have started their business and they are now available in around 300 locations in the United States. The latter is far behind Uber to catch up, but we can see that there is a tremendous growth which both the companies have seen.
There has always been a clash for superseding each other in every possible way. We can say that both of them had their shares of obstacles and downfalls. They have pulled it off in a very well way, and we can see that they are world renowned organizations now. When these kinds of incident occur, it is a fact that they start to stumble and falter.
These incidents which have happened in the state is something which the companies didn’t see it coming and they will make sure that things will get better and there the business will be back on track and good to go. For the time being, they have to ensure that the riders who take Uber and Lyft are always safe. It will be a good deal if they could introduce an emergency option on the app if at all the riders are at any risk.
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