As a parent, you obviously know how daunting and expensive it can get as you prepare your kids for a new school year. Besides the never ending registration process, purchasing school supplies, shoes and clothing is never cheap. All you can do is have an effective budget plan that saves every coin possible and hope it works out for the best.

One thing you can delete from your hefty shopping list, of course, is a backpack. In most cases, backpacks are built to last meaning you need not procure a new one every school year, but there’s a catch – you’ll have to properly take care of the one at hand. In a nutshell, there’s absolutely no valid reason to buy another when the one you have can get a facelift. If you are wondering how, read on to find out.


Before diving right in, it’s worth noting that a properly cleaned backpack can easily resemble a brand new one if you so wish. That said, the first step should always be emptying out every single pocket completely. This simply means getting rid of the largest crumbled papers right down to the smallest crumbs inside. In short, every single spec or debris should totally be shaken out and removed prior to any form of cleaning.

Once you are done, the next step should be to assess the damage on the entire backpack. Is it all covered in dirt or perhaps just needs some attention in a few spots? You are in luck if the latter scenario defines your situation. For a few dirty spots, some warm soapy water and a clean rag should perfectly solve the issue.

On the flipside, prep up for thorough heavy-duty cleaning if the entire bag is dirty. Begin the process by sinking your backpack for a couple of hours in warm soapy water with oxygen bleach if possible. However, this only works for products without any structural parts that shouldn’t get wet such as cardboard reinforcement. For such bags, the best possible cleaning procedure would be to use a laundry machine on the hand-wash cycle. Note, it would be in your best interest to immerse the bag in a pillowcase before dipping it in the wash so as to avoid the straps getting caught up inside.

The biggest mistake you can do after cleaning is to put your washed backpack in the dryer. Rather, let it air-dry outside with a few towels stuffed inside to not only absorb the moisture, but also help it retain its original form. With a little zeal and determination, any backpack can be revived to look as shiny as it was when new – regardless of how grimy it was.


  • Make a habit of wiping your bag inside out on a regular to deter dirt buildup.
  • Try keeping water or moisture away from the backpack to avoid mould growth. Ensure that it is totally dried before storing it just in case it was rained on.
  • While packing, it is always of paramount importance to place sharp-edged items in a manner that won’t damage the material. Also, items such as water or soft drinks should be packed in a bag with a rucksack liner to minimize the risk of spillages.

Bottom Line:

Now that you are aware of how to give your backpack a facelift, it is vital to keep in mind that prevention is always better than cure. This means it all starts with how well you treat the bag in the first place. Avoid weakening the material in any way possible and you should be good to go.


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