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How to pick the best floor jack

Basic of Floor Jack:

A floor jack is nothing but a lifting machine. It’s a mechanical device that is mostly used to lift heavy loads using a lead screw or hydraulic mechanism. These jacks have a broad range of functions and are often referred to as a car jack, or garage jack or auto jacks sometimes.A large number of people use it to lift automobiles only, to access the components beneath the vehicle. So it is most popularly known as car jacks for an alternative name.

Types of Floor Jack:
Hydraulic Floor Jack:

It is the most recognizable floor jack variant, and most convenient and useful also. Every mechanic prefers to have one of these in their garage for their ultimate convenience. These jacks use hydraulic power to lift loads and consist of a trolley with four wheels housing a hydraulic cylinder. The advantages to this type of floor jack are they are very simple in operation and easy and straightforward in use. They also do not require a big amount of effort to lift the vehicle. Additionally, they offer great lifting height, enough for you to g beneath the car and work comfortably. They are also very safe. As for disadvantages of these jacks, I can mention the cost and portability. They are often more expensive than other types and are a bit less portable than other types due to their comparatively bigger size. You can use car jack when wash your car with best car vacuum

Scissor Jack:

Scissor jacks are light-weight, space efficient and very portable type of jacks, which is their biggest advantage. These jacks typically consist of a lead screw that compresses a scissor linkage to gain elevation. The drawback of these jacks is they have limitations in height and lifting capacity as well, as they are designed to be so compact and portable. It can only lift your car high enough to change the tire. Verdict line of these jacks are, they are ultra-portable tire changing specialist, but not a great option to use in garages.

Bottle/Piston Jack:

Bottle jacks (known as piston jacks also) are another hydraulically operated floor jack type. Like hydraulic jacks, they also use hydraulic force to lift the weight. The biggest advantages of these jacks are a small footprint, lifting capacity and lifting height. They leave a very little footprint and are great to use on uneven surfaces as well. They have the highest lifting capacity and height between these 3 types. As a drawback, their free height is sometimes too much for lowered sedan or sports car. They don’t get low enough to be placed underneath on these cars. You’ll see them mostly getting used to lifting trucks and that type of vehicles.

Things You Need to Consider to Pick The Best Floor Jack:

There’re certain things that you need to consider to pick the best floor jack for you. They’re as followings-
The car/cars you are gonna use it on:
It’s important to determine which car or cars you are gonna use the jack on. Because ground clearance can be an issue sometimes. Ground clearance refers to how high from the ground your car sits on the jacks’ lifting surface. It’s pretty easy to lift the cars with lower ground clearance with hydraulic jacks. The hydraulic jacks are favorite for most common sedans, SUVs, coupes, and vans.
But if you’re looking for a jack to lift a truck often, a bottle or piston jack will be better for you. Because most trucks have higher ground clearance and bottle jacks have a higher free height. So this two will match better.
Then again, if you buy a bottle jack thinking of its convenience for a lower ground clearance car, it’ll be a wrong decision. As a bottle jack’s free height is more, so you might not be able to place the jack underneath the car even.
And, if you’re looking for something portable to carry with you for emergency situations, maybe the tire bursting or something, a sweet scissor jack is good enough for you. In that case, buying an expensive another type of jack is spending pointless money and won’t be convenient as well. So determining the car or cars, you are going to use the jack on is critical.
And if you can’t determine, your best bet will be going for a hydraulic jack, as it fits most of the cars, from sedan to trucks.

The weight of the car/cars:

All floor jacks have a maximum weight capacity. So you must be careful about making sure that the maximum weight lifting capacity of the jack you’re gonna buy exceeds the weight you intend to lift with it. Typically, the weight lifting capacity is expressed tons, and the 2 ton and 3-ton jacks are the most common. One thing to know about determining the weight is that your jack is never likely to support 100% of the weight of your car. Normally, with a 2-ton jack, you can safely lift most sub-compact, compact, and economy midsize cars. Go for a 3-ton jack if you need to lift luxury midsize cars, full-size cars, SUVs, vans, and trucks as well. If you have a heavier car than that, you need to go to up to 3.5 or 4-ton jacks, but this doesn’t apply to most regular cars.

The Build Quality of The Jack:

It’s one of the most necessary factors to consider when purchasing a floor jack. You know a high-quality floor jack can cost you less than a cheaper floor jack? Wondering how? Well, you’ll need to buy a high-quality jack only once and use it for a long time. But you’ll need to constantly replace parts of a poor-built floor jack, or maybe the whole jack.
And there’s a matter of safety as well. What happens if the jack falls apart while you’re doing a repair to your car? It can do a serious injury to you and great damage to your car too. If you pick a poor-built Jack, I’m afraid you might be the victim of such a case!
So buying a better-built jack with spending a bit more money is totally worth it. You’ll never have to get pissed about the jack not functioning properly. You’ll only and better be pissed about your car not working well! And a little bigger investment upfront is saving you money in the long term. And, you’ll not have to tension about the Jack falling apart and the car falling on you while working lying underneath the car!
Now, how to judge the build quality of a jack? Well, it’s better to check the jack physically to understand the build quality. But since it’s not possible to do it while shopping online, the best option is to read reviews online. The link here is a trusted & reliable source to look for floor jack reviews.

Wrapping it up:

I hope I’ve given you all the information you’re gonna need to pick the perfect floor jack for you. If you still have any questions, you may ask in the comment section. I’ll be following this post and will get back to you in the shortest possible time.

How To Choose A Tile Saw

How To Choose A Tile Saw

Though tile saw or tile cutter people use on cutting tiles, different manufacturer product various types of tile saw. Structure and model of tile saw from a different company are always different. They implement a different technique to give you an advantage on easy cutting. All different models have some unique advantages that ensure more comfort. In case you don’t know, how to choose a tile saw or tile cutter, read this post carefully about best tile saw review. This will help you identifying best tile saw reviews for you. Because I am going to list some necessary features of tile saw.

What’s Are Some Necessary Features To Consider

Capacity & Size:

Based on your work pressure, you have to select best size and capacity. If you want heavy duty machine then you need a large size. But if you work in small space, you should pick a small or medium size. This is a basic requirement and understanding. Just take a decision depending on your necessity.

Tile Saw Blade:

You will find different material made a blade of tile saw. Diamond, steel, and aluminum are some popular blade type for a tile saw. Consider best material blade based on your necessity. If you want heavy duty blade that is made by diamond, this will cost more. But choosing affordable blade can keep the price in measurement. So you have to understand your purpose clearly.

Power Source:

You will find both cordless battery power and corded electric power tile saw available in the market. Both has advantages and disadvantages as well. You have to pick perfect power source based on your requirement. If you move remotely and ok with battery power then this will be helpful for you. But corded electric power machine includes extra advantage on your work. This ensures strong electric power that helps on easy tile cutting. Thus when you choose power source, you should pick with care.

Style or Model:

Formation structure of tile saw effect deeply on your work. An easily formed structure always helps to perform quick and strongly. More strong formation structure you will get on your machine, more powerful it will be. Thus you need to search good structure tile cutter that will help you easy and effortless cutting. You will find different models available, but all are not same in functionality. Check them carefully and pick the perfect one for you.

Tile Saw Price:

Another important fact that will help you getting best tile cutter for you. Price effect on the tile cutter selection process. You must identify best tile cutter at your budget. Before you start selecting tile cutter, you have to fix your budget. This will make your saw selection process quick and easy.

Final Words:

Even you are new in the tile saw selection process, above listed things will help you identifying best tile saw easily. I listed all basic but important features that help anyone to understand basic requirements. You can research more to learn advanced tile saw selection. But these are fundamentals for choosing best tile saw or tile cutter as a beginner.

Best Electric Longboard Buying Guide

Best Electric Longboard Buying Guide

The best electric longboard is dependent on a number of factors with the aim of meeting different individual goals. These include the purpose of the board, the riding surface, as well as the distance covered. It is in this that longboards vary in their features. The following guide will help you settle for the best electric longboards to meet your goals.

Motors and Its Watt

The motors and its Watt of an electric longboard and they come in a verities range of power ranging from 400 to 2,000 watts. However, if your terrain involves uneven surfaces with rocks, you will need something to power through these surfaces thus the need of more watts. Lower watts are recommended for longboards for beginners for safety purposes.

Battery Cells and Its Backup Range 

Electric longboards used for traveling come with a powerful battery accompanied by an extended backup battery to save more power, so you do not have to keep charging it before reaching your destination. Quality brands use lithium ion batteries. As an electric device, this is the most important aspect to consider.

Choosing the Charger

As an electronic gadget, it must accompany a charger. This is not to imply that one charger can charge each other longboard. For those who use their electric longboard frequently, it is recommended that you invest in on that will take less time to recharge, so you are always on the go without a hassle. Individuals who use their boards occasionally can use slower chargers.

Controls or Controllers

Many current controllers come with a light indicator, which is an added advantage to keep you aware of your battery status and signal you on your board’s position. With an end goal to lift well-being and usefulness, search for components, for example, Wi-Fi remote association, some mechanization for convenience, battery reinforcement, so you don’t get stranded, turnaround mode, and in addition security cautions.

Selecting the Truck

The trucks of your longboard are responsible for boosting maneuverability as well as in making turns. They work hand in hand with the axle and hanger. These are made from an aluminum material, and they are strong and sturdy. The key objective is to ensure that your electric longboard trucks are flexible and that they easily respond to the motion. To test this, simply turn the board and try to cause some motion with your hands.

Check the Wheel Structure

A durometer rating of between 80A and 85A is for hard wheels and are intended for use on flat and plain surfaces. Choosing wheels is dependent on the terrain you intend using it. If you are looking to strike a balance for different uses with an electric longboard, soft and larger wheels will come in handy.


Measure the Riding Distance

This refers to the distance you intend covering on your board. This is dependent on your battery capacity of riding on a single charge. If you can cover 7 to 12 km on a single charge, then you have one of the best commuting longboards over short distances. However, long distance riding calls for better riding range of between 18 and 22 miles on a single charge. This has been made possible the inclusion of lithium ion batteries.

Don’t buy a Cheap Bearing

This rating ranges from ABEC 3, 5, 7, 9, to 11. The ceramic bearing is highly recommended when choosing the best electric longboard. Another guide is going for the ABEC rating of 9 or 11.

Weight Range

The best part is that many brands are releasing lighter longboards with time as well as including lighter batteries. In addition, those looking for one with the aim of frequent use will need a lighter version as opposed to one who intends using it occasionally.


Electric Longboard for Downhill Riding

Just as the name suggests, these are for downhill riding. The best downhill longboards come with carbon fiber and maple deck construction, as they will take on fast speeds when riding downhill while at the same time boosting safety. This is because they are flexible yet remain stable and comfortable. Another key aspect to consider is for downhill riding is the motor. It is recommended that you go for the dual motor as opposed to the single motor with a higher watt option of up to 2,000 watts. Due to the hilly surface, go for soft wheels, so you have a firm grip.

Electric Longboard for Carving

Carving involves pulling a trick when riding that makes you appear as if you are creating a curve shape. In this, you are looking at meeting flexibility as well as safety. The best electric board to meet this purpose should have a flexible deck and highly responsive trucks. Soft gripped wheels that offer a high rebound should accompany this. This minimizes the risk of falls as well as keeps you comfortable as you curve or jump as you turn your board.


Final Verdict

I can ensure that if you read this full article, you will not face any issue with selecting a best electric longboard. Just keep in mind never buy a cheap longboard from any new brand. Chose your double or single motors are according to your necessary and the batteries too.