Baby Crib Bedding: Facts to Know

Baby cribs these days have many options, price range and styles to choose. Any baby crib you purchase must meet the minimum government requirements. You can be so assured that even the least cost crib bedding can be safe for the baby if it is handled properly and is assembled to the manufacturer's instructions. The basic requirements of a safe crib are a firm, tight-fitting mattress, no missing or broken hardware or slats and no cutouts at the footboards. Slats should be less than 23/8 apart, and corner posts should be less than 1/16.

The most important feature of the crib bedding is the fixed, single-drop or double-drop sides. These crib sides often drop because of pushing the knee against the sides, balancing on one foot and pushing the lever to drop on one side, double triggering with both hands to release the crib sides. Be sure that the fold is high enough so that the baby does not climb the crib.

Another important feature is the use of wheels. The castors must not be flimsy because you will be moving the crib under the vacuum.

But when your baby is 3 or 4 months, it will be necessary.

Another important feature is the adjustable mattress height. It allows the mattress to be higher or lower. The height of 2 mattresses will be nice, and three will be better. Check out the way in which the mattress is held up. Baby cribs with metal bars are better than vinyl straps that could wear out and break. The best crisis the metal spring system to support the mattress.

Convertible baby cribs are attractive but are the most expensive in the market today. Some cribs can be converted to adult beds or baby toddlers. They need an extra kit for this purpose. These baby crib beddings are found in mega baby bedding stores with few stocks. You can order for new styles which may take up to 12 weeks. Websites have a wide variety of cribs, but shipping may be costly. Be clear on return policies. Unless the crib comes with a model number, labels, instruction manual don't buy them.

Don't follow the beaten path to get your child a crib that has been passed down a generation or more. Find a beautiful antique crib with modern safety standards.

While buying a crib, consider the fact that mattress should be firm and tight-fitting, there should be no broken slats, and there should be no design cutouts.

To avoid SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) make the baby sleep with the back on flat, firm mattress with no soft bedding underneath. Never put the child near the window blinds or drapery. Never use a string in the crib. Lock the side rails in its raised position when the baby is in the cribs and prevent strangulation. Prevent the use of cribs when the child is more than 35 inches of height. Tighten all the nuts, bolts, and screws often. Check the crib hooks to ensure that none are broken or bent. Secure bumper pads around the entire crib.


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