If you are like most, all tactical backpacks look and feel the same – they certainly aren't. In fact, the market is currently flooded with tons of cheap tactical backpacks that it has become exceedingly hard to distinguish wheat from chuff. Your safest bet only lays in purchasing your ideal tactical backpack from a reputable store even though the price may be significantly higher than what you had budgeted for – I'll tell you why in a few.

Sure, you may ask why fork out some extra bucks for a tactical backpack when you could save up by procuring a cheaper model? Well, below we take a look at five solid reasons why avoiding cheap tactical backpacks would be in your best interest as an avid hunter, camping enthusiast or tactical serviceman.


As you probably know, tactical backpacks are intended for use in the rough more so during disasters, emergencies or grievous expeditions. Of what use then would it be if the one you carry will likely cave into the tough demands of the jungle when you need it most. The bottom line is, cheap is always expensive and in regards to backpacks, you can expect a cheap model to cave in at some point ultimately. That said, here are the reasons why you need to avoid cheap tactical bags by all means.

1. Material and durability – of course, the main difference between a quality tactical backpack and a cheap one is simply in the fabric used to make it. While most premium products are crafted from tough materials such as Rip-stop nylon, canvas and polyester; just to name a few, the cheap ones come in similarly cheap materials that will likely cave into the rough. You need a bag that will get you through thorny bushes, rivers or harsh climatic conditions and you can't expect a cheap model to deliver.

2. Comfort – top notch tactical backpacks are designed for heavy-duty usage, without necessarily draining the user's energy. In fact, the best bags are always comfortable regardless of how long your hiking expedition may be or how tedious the adventure gets. In a nutshell, the best tactical backpacks come complete with comfort-oriented features ranging from wide padded straps to hip padding on the side and even air channels. On the other hand, cheap bags lack such features – the main reason why they are cheap in the first place – and therefore, will likely drain most of your energy even before you get to where the finish line is.

#3. Compartments – in most cases, cheap tactical backpacks sport one or two compartments at most and this is just not sufficient enough for serious hiking or camping adventures. Generally speaking, your rucksack needs to meet any grievous requirements you may face; meaning it should have pack several options in the compartment area to fit all types of hunting or camping gear.

4. Capacity – true, bigger isn't always necessarily better. However, sufficient space is always preferable just in case you need to extend your trip by a couple of days. Generally speaking, cheaper models of tactical backpacks have extremely low capacity – enough to last only a day or so. In the jungle, you never know what happens next. Optimal preparation for unforeseen emergencies is vital, thus the need to invest in a sufficiently capacitated backpack. Investing in one that is a little bigger is better than investing in a small cheap tactical backpack.

#5. Repair Kit – true, even the best backpacks may just cave in and rip at some point – even if it's highly unlikely – and that's why they come fully packed with repair kits for quick fixes. The repair kits will last the lifetime of the tactical backpack itself meaning you won't have to invest in another separately. On the flipside, the cheap models come as they are – with absolutely no extras.

Bottom Line:

When it's all said, you are better off coughing up a couple of extra bucks for a quality backpack as it will pay off in the long-run as you may have gathered from the above. Again, cheap is always expensive – you will likely buy two or three tactical backpacks within the lifespan of one quality model.

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